Intelligence Online – Strategic communication veterans behind lawsuit targeting Kurdish leaders for embezzlement and murder

File photo (Maria Oswalt/Unsplash)

The Barzani family’s lobbyists in Washington DC are “on their guard” amid the resumption of the Kurdistan Victims Fund’s (KVF) lawsuit, Paris-based Intelligence Online has reported. Kurdish Prime Minister Masrour Barzani and his co-defendants, many of them also members of the Barzani family, stand accused of authorizing their agents to commit crimes including “extrajudicial killings, genocide, hostage taking and kidnapping, enforced disappearances, inhuman treatment, torture, rape, crimes against humanity, and multitudinous other unlawful and material acts”, according to the KVF complaint. Intelligence Online reported that ArentFox Schiff, a prominent US lobbying firm, is involved in assisting the Barzani family.